Production and quality are our strengths

100% made by TEK
All components are manufactured by US.

TEK is a mechanical workshop for the production of precision machining.

The production cycle:

  • Purchase of raw materials such as: steel profiles, stainless steel, special steels, bronze, aluminum, forged, extruded from the best European steel and foundries.
  • Destructive tests on the raw material: destructive tests of traction and resilience. Volumetric control of matter by ultrasound. Cutting raw material.
  • Mechanical processing of materials purchased on CNC work centers and latest generation machine tools. Turning, milling, reaming and grinding machining operations are established by the technical office according to the component processing cycle.
  • Surface and thermal treatments are carried out through our supplier partners.
  • Dimensional and non-destructive controls of components made to verify their compliance with customer specifications.
  • Assembly of components, if required, for the construction of machines or complex products.