TEK – Mechanical Machining

TEK is a machine shop specialized in precision machining: turning, milling, boring, drilling and grinding.

TEK with an experience of more than 50 years designs and manufactures mechanical components, machines and assembled groups for the steel industry, shipbuilding industry, energy, oil & gas and construction sector.

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Projects on Mechanical Machining

TEK manufactures mechanical components in many different industrial sectors all over the world. Discover some projects and view the achievements made by TEK.


Production and quality are our strength – 100% made by TEK
All our products are manufactured by US.

TEK has a state-of-the-art CNC machine tool park for turning and milling with which all the components that are subsequently assembled and tested are made. The integrated production cycle. 100% made by TEK.

Tek Production Manager

“We are always ready to follow the customer in ambitious projects, producing complex components with cutting-edge machines and technologies. Centesimal precision, boring, pad threading, turning up to a meter in diameter and pressure testing are our strength.”.

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